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Why You Should Work with Rental Homes USA in Virginia Beach, VA

System - Tuesday, June 14, 2016

At Rental Homes USA, we manage homes professionally just as if they were our own. We are located in Virginia Beach, Virginia and today we want to talk to you about why you might pick Rental Homes USA to manage your home.

Property Management Experience

We have been in business for 32 years as real estate agents, and for the last 20, we have been managing homes just like yours. Some of our clients own investment properties and others have left their homes in our capable hands just because the owners had to move away and leave the home behind as a rental. This is a common practice when you are leaving your house but you choose not to sell at that time. Whatever your circumstances, we have the experience and expertise to care for your rental property.

MPM Certification

We are master property managers as certified by the National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM). That means we have earned a higher level of training and competence in the property management business. That is a big plus for you, and our involvement with NARPM means we have access to a number of tools and resources that can be beneficial in rental management.

Tenant Screening

We conduct a heavy screening of all tenants. This includes background checks, income verification and other things we have learned to do to verify who they are before they rent your home from us. At Rental Homes USA, we have very few evictions. This is directly related to our thorough screening process.

On Time Rent Payments

We demand our tenants allow us to draw their rent from their bank accounts on first of every month. This is very helpful because we know that they are going to have the money in their accounts on the first, when rent is due. It ensures rent is paid on time and it works out really well.


We have great communication with our tenants. This means a lot to them, especially when we are quick to respond to their needs. We’re particularly proactive when it comes to maintenance and repair requests, but we’ll tell you more about repairs in a later blog.

If you’d like to hear more about why we might be a good fit for you, please contact us at Rental Homes USA.

O: (757) 717-1139
F: (757) 353-4279

Rental Homes USA, LLC
3437 Chandler Creek Road, Suite 103
Virginia Beach, VA 23453

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