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Getting Ready

  • Walk across the street from your home and look at your property's curb appeal. Is it bright and inviting or dreary and tired?
  • Trim the shrubs low and tight. Trim low hanging tree branches.
  • Weed and mulch gardens and beds. Trim around all.
  • Check that all storm windows and screens are in the same position.
  • Make sure all screens are in place and in good repair.
  • See if exterior paint is chipping or flaking. Is it in need of a new coat to seal against moisture and weather for the long haul?
  • Have the carpets professionally cleaned.
  • Leave all appliances in good working order.
  • Have the fireplace serviced, cleaned, and checked for needed repairs.
  • Clean out storage areas, attic spaces and garage. Do not leave chemicals, old paint or lumber for tenants to wrestle with!
  • Have a local termite company inspect for pests and start an annual inspection service and warranty with them.
  • Consider a service to spread weed killer and fertilizer on the lawn 4-6 times a year. This will keep the turf strong and looking its best.
  • If the home is vacant, keep the utilities on for showings and additional cleaning or repairs. The heat can be operated to avoid frozen pipes in winter.
  • Have all smoke detectors in home certified by professional company.

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